20172018 Student Handbook-10.17.17

Student Government advisement structure is outlined below:

AVP Student Life

Student Government

Director of Student Activities and Involvement

SG Executive Branch

Coordinator of Student Leadership and Training

Legislative Branch

Coordinator of Student Organizations and Program

Judicial Branch

SGA Framework The Student Government Association serves as the umbrella organization to the Bethune-Cookman University Community. The following groups fall under SGA: ● Student Activities Board ● Royal Court ● Student Organizations SGA Eligibility At the time of elections: ● All candidates must adhere to the General Qualifications for Student Government Officials outlined in (Article V, A-P) of the SG Constitution and the Elections Act. ● Within the Executive Branch, the Executive Board is made up of the following positions: o SGA President: o SGA Vice President o SGA Vice President of Student Activities Board o Mister B-CU o Miss B-CU o Chief Justice ● The duties and responsibilities of each member of Student Government is outlined with the Student Government Constitution. Student Activities Board The Student Activities Board is a student-run and staff-advised organization. The SAB works to empower students to become better leaders by giving students an opportunity to join and work with the organization. The Student Activities Board strives to create a vibrant campus environment through continuous event production, gauging student interests, and planning events that cater to all students on and off campus. Because the organization is for the students, the SAB attempts to encompass a wide range of social programming, including, but not limited to, large concerts, small concerts, parties, game nights, movie nights, sporting events, socials, pep rallies, tailgates, health fairs, dances, carnivals, game shows and homecoming.

The objectives of the Student Activities Board are: ● To provide educated and interactive entertainment for the Bethune-Cookman University student

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