B-CU Student Honor Code

ix. The student shall be permitted to enter University campus for the limited purpose of this hearing in accordance with the provisions stated herein. x. The panel will review the information provided by the student, the information upon which the interim suspension was initially based, and any new information which may justify the lifting or the continuation of the interim suspension. xi. At the end of the hearing, the panel will make a decision and notify the Dean of Students, or designee, of the panel’s recommendation. xii. The panel may affirm the original decision, maintaining the interim suspension and temporary exclusion until full disciplinary proceedings are held, or the panel may recommend that the interim suspension is lifted. The Dean of Students or designee will consider the recommendation of the panel but is not bound by the recommendation. xiii. The Dean of Students, or designee, shall thereafter notify the student that he or she is reinstated pending the outcome of the full disciplinary hearing or the interim suspension and temporary exclusion are to be continued subject to the outcome of the disciplinary proceedings. The notice will be provided within one (1) business day of the decision unless additional time is needed or necessary. xiv. No interim suspension hearing shall take place of the full disciplinary proceedings which will determine whether the student shall be sanctioned for the misconduct charged. xv. Failure to respond to the disciplinary action for the misconduct charge shall result in a finding against the student and result in permanent suspension for the academic semester and/or academic year. As a result, the student must apply for readmission before he or she can return to active matriculation at the University.



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